Clean Teeth via Joe in Seattle


Not sure if this is Wolfmobile worthy or not, but the attached email was sent over my company's "Non Business" email alias. Non Business is where employees sell stuff, ask for recommendations, etc, and the ENTIRE company gets it. Thought you might like a little taste of life in the NW.

Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 10:57 AM
To: *Non-Business
Subject: Vet for Dog

Good morning.

I am looking some recommendations for a vet that has a holistic approach to treating dogs.

My dog is on a 'raw food' diet and would like to find a doctor that supports this kind of life style.

Additionally, I am looking for a vet that can clean teeth.

WSeattle area would be preferable.

Please respond to me only.

Thanks in advance


Kelly said...

I just feel bad for that dog. All he wants is a little cooked beef.

Grecian Gringo said...

ugh. The smugness that emanates from your co-worker's cube must be intoxicating for u. Malko would definitely suggest a good ole red-rcoket sauce facial to teach them a lesson.

Megan said...

i can't believe i'm commenting but... its the teeth cleaning that gets me! people don't realize that dogs and cats need their teeth brushed too, and if you don't start early and often, you'll end up with a $300 trip to the vet to have your little love bug put under for an intense cleaning. your cat might hate you, but if your dog is crazy like mine, he'll love the taste of tooth paste and be totally into getting his teeth brushed. also, i think raw food diets for dogs aren't a bad idea, but are completely disgusting.

but i still think this woman should've just searched for a vet on yelp instead of letting everyone at work know that she's ridiculously in love with her dog.

Tim said...

There you have it folks: The perspective of another person ridiculously in love with her dog. As a guy who gets a strange pleasure from handling dogs in awkward ways, I think I'd enjoy brushing the teeth of a nice dog. Strange? Yes.