Micah says "Tim blogs like he eats" which is to say, slowly. The weekend was full of stimuli and celebs (Lilo, Pete, Ashley, et al) and hot weather and booze and fun. Here's Hyde (aka DJ Mom-Jeans aka Danny Masterson) from That 70's Show DJing. He is fun, but not a good DJ.

Stevie claims to be contributing something about Baltimore, but other than that you'll need to deal with a boring week around here.


Joe said...

I will testify to the pace of Stiles' eating. I once saw the man take down a standard one scoop ice cream cone in about 45 minutes. His ability to savor was truly a sight to behold.

Also, Danny Masterson is a devout Scientologist. Just thought I would mention that.

Anonymous said...

Micah, Marissa, kr and I are going to guest blog this week, don't worry dudes. Baltimore is great (we're stuck here an extra day on vacation, darn it) and Richmond, VA ruled. Keep you posted. First we have to kill some more brain cells.

r said...

i want to request a blog entry: what makes 'a good dj'?

Kristen said...

i would like to request more information on the celeb sightlings, particularly my fav. ashley. maybe this can be done over a joint birthday dinner celebration.