Opening Ceremonies

Somehow I completely missed them. I guess this will have to do.


Joe said...

As a person whose dream it is to someday produce the super bowl halftime show. The opening ceremony was the most impressive production I have ever seen. The coordination was flawless and the technology used was impressive. Also I watched it twice once very high once sober. I wanted to make sure what I saw was really happening. All great productions have a certain amount of smoke and mirrors. The opening ceremony had some of its own.

China and American pop music have one thing in common. No one wants to hear music from ugly kids.

As a side note if Chicago got the Olympics, what would be the theme for the ceremony?

Tim said...

Re Chicago: Hot Dogs.

Stevie said...

I'd like to see an all Bob Costas theme.

tom said...

I could handle a Micah Brennan theme.