Jonathan Demme is a Great Director

I saw Rachel Getting Married last week with Hannah and I've thought about it at least once a day since. I loved it. It was so powerful. The documentary style made me feel like I was with them for the wedding weekend and the music was so diverse and great. Jonathan Demme is such a great director and he really let his actors shine in this movie. Demme has directed such films as Stop Making Sense, Philadelphia and Silence Of The Lambs. Fresh Air spoke with Rachel Getting Married screenplay writer Jenny Lumet and director Jonathan Demme early last month. Here's the trailer. See this movie.

Yesterday afternoon I saw another Demme movie, this one an actual documentary about Jimmy Carter. Called Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains, it follows Carter on his 2006 book tour for his somewhat controversial Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Great music, great behind the scenes look at thepublicity process and most of all, a really informative and interesting look at what our 39th president has been up to for the last few years, as well glimpses into his presidency.