Obama’s Inauguration as Witnessed by Kelly


The trip started on a beautiful Seattle day. The sun hadn’t been out in a while and I knew the trip was starting off on the right foot. Here is the view from my friend Susie and Duff’s roof - Brag Alert…

My travel partners were Steve and Susie. Many of you have met Steve from the days of Hippie Kelly and Iowa City visits. Some of you may have met Susie on a visit out here to Seattle. They are two of my very favorite people. Traveling was super easy. There was increased security in Minneapolis as we boarded our flight to BWI but the TSA officers were helpful and friendly. The energy already began feeling Obamarific and only got better as the days went on.

We landed at BWI with our friend Martha’s car waiting for us. Now we just had to find the key..

Lucky for us we have fun friends. Martha and Abbey (formerly of Team Seattle) live in a cute row house in SE Capitol Hill area – they welcomed us from the west coast with a cold keg of Miller Light and lots of friendly faces. We partied till 5am and toasted to the last day of Bush!

Monday was a slow start as we were all hung over from Miller Light. We took a lazy Monday stroll through the neighborhood, visited Abbey at her Hardware Store, and enjoyed a cold but sunny day outside –Whiffle Ball anyone?

After a walkin’ around we met up with Martha at the bar. Martha had just picked up her and Abbey’s Silver Inauguration tickets. They were beautiful. I wish my photo was better quality but check it out:

The president seal was embossed and the ink was shiny silver. SUPER cool.

Here we are the night before inauguration. Everyone is very excited, especially me because now Marissa is with us!! Whoohoo! So great to have an old friend from Chicago with us for the celebration. Everyone loves Marissa – of course.

TEAM INAUGURATION! From the left (back row) Martha, Abbey, Susie. (front row) Joseph, Me, Duff, Kelsey, Stevo, Marissa

We decided to take it easy the night before and rested up for the big day. Slumber Party 2k9

The morning of Inauguration was all about layers. Everyone put on everything they had. We all got outside and some of us went back in for more layers. It was pretty chilly, but overall a beautiful sunny day. Everyone was all smiles, especially because we decided not to get up at 5am like the rest of the 1.8 million. Instead we strolled to the capital with whiskey in our coffee at about 9am.

Our walk with Abbey and Martha ended at the Silver ticket security line and our non-ticketed group headed in the opposite direction of the crowds. Our strategy was to get as far back as we could. Probably the smartest decision we made. The crowds trying to get into the mall area were very very packed. Many times you couldn’t move. Our group headed far and wide. We walked on the closed highway all the way until the exit to the Washington Monument! Headed over and found ourselves a nice big jumbotron to settle in for the show. Although it would have been amazing to at least see the Capitol Building we had plenty of company behind the Monument. I would say there were at least 100,000 people behind us. It was awesome. The folks right around our group were hootin’, hollerin’, high fivin’, and smilin’ from ear to ear.

The BOOs you heard from the crowd when Bush was announced were real and very very loud. The crowd was incredible quiet during Obama’s oath and speech, it was impressive. Then the crowd went wild when we was pronounced the president. We all hugged and kissed and danced around. It was all very emotional.

This dude was awesome. He had a Kenyan flag around his back and was hugging everyone in sight

The walk home was equally as fun as the walk to the Capitol. Once again we took the long around about way. High fivin’ with special police and taking in the happiness flowin’ in the air. Two highlights on the way home were this life size Obama cut-out and a 12 year old with the Obama campaign logo shaved into his head!

That night we celebrated some more at a local bar by Martha and Abbey’s.

It is amazing to see the preserved history of DC juxtaposed with the living history of the week. Welcome Home Obama.

As a conclusion to my post …A picture of DC’s Metro train system. It is impeccably clean, efficient, and cheap. Only 1.65 a ride. They even have carpet and cushions on the seats - What luxury!

Thanks for letting me share. I am proud to have my very first guest blog on Stiles and even more proud to live in a country that can transfer power to a new president with 1.8 million people in a small city with ZERO arrests or major injuries.
I miss you all in the Midwest and hope to catch up in the Spring. GOBAMA!


dan said...

That's what I call accurate and truthful reporting. Take that fox news!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

great post kel! and nice pics too. you are am amazing blogger - can you do a seattle food post for ME? (not tim)