Planet Money // Teen Wolf Screening

I've been digging the Planet Money podcast for about a year now. It's a bit NPR/This American Life-ish, but they do a great job of explaining often complex financial matters in a way I can understand. Their latest episode explains exactly what's in, and what's missing from, the newly passes Health Care Reform bill.

If they're not focusing on the latest financial news they'll sometimes put a human face on a financial matter. In this episode they talk with a collections agent. In this one they talk with an "efficiency expert."

Additionally, each episode is only about 20 minutes long so you don't get burned out on the jargon. Anyway, it's a great podcast.


This Tuesday we're showing Teen Wolf at Lincoln Hall. It's part of the series called "The 3 Penny Was Here", a shout out to the former business on that particular plot of land. Time Out says it's better than Brew 'n View. It's free, there are beer and vodka specials as well as $3 brisquit sliders. Also, there's a 220" screen and an HD projector. I made this poster promoting it. Come by. Oh, Fletch is playing also.


Nick said...

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